Casual AF: (Planning to play with friends only)

Hoping to spend less time fussing over rules and character creation in this one. We are going to make characters as fast as possible on session-1 and try to develop their story through their actions. All the adventures for this campaign will come from the characters you've created and how they interact with the setting. We will be using the core material + Volso's Guide for the rules and I will use the average monster damage to speed combat encounters. The ideal situation would to do a session on a weekly basis but I know our group and how difficult that is, this is why I want to focus on quick advancement and fun without waisted game time with forced exposition of the setting.

(PS: I needed some name for the kingdom in order to name this campaign, Daroon is the best my brain could come up with.)

Some Twats In Daroon

Volo swag